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🍀 [Sensible Woo] See how it feels in your body, that’s what we do here.

published22 days ago
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Hey Reader,

It’s that time of year again… Spring is around the corner. Even when we don’t see it fully, the signs are all there. Early tulips are definitely poking up through the ground here in the PNW, my spring allergies are definitely in full bloom, and Mr. Giles is shedding his winter undercoat like a grumpy champ. (He also turned 15! He’s officially a super senior floof. 😻)

If you haven’t been around Sensible Woo when the spring season starts to blossom, you’re about to see a month long series of information & invitations into the 12 month Incubator. I am adamant that you and I are on the same page about what goes on in this community… You’ll be receiving extra emails from me this month in addition to your weekly Sanity Saturday newsletters. All of the emails are going to be heavy on sales information while the doors are open for the Incubator.

Here’s why I am grateful for your presence and why I also recommend that you watch this space during the next 4 weeks:

🌱 You get to watch & experience the rhythm of how I hold space for you to learn about my main offer and compare that to what you normally experience in other people’s sales.

🌱 You will hopefully be highly entertained. Just because it’s a launch doesn’t mean it has to be super serious & stuffy. There will still be weekly readings and plenty of weird finds from the interwebs involving systems.

🌱 You’ll get to see the kind of language I’m using. For some of you it’s going to look, sound, and feel different in the same way that you feel when you makeover your hair & wardrobe IRL. And for others of you, it’s going to be a brand new introduction. How does this compare to what you’re currently consuming from other brands & creators?

🌱 You also get to take your time while you pick apart a large, high ticket offer. Interested in creating something similar? Well, I learned by watching other people’s offers grow… so I encourage you to do the same with me!

🌱 You’ll get a big pick-me-up by seeing real evidence of real people who have done some AMAZING things. When we can see that something is possible, it brings it into a real possibility rather than just a pipe dream or continuing to feel like you’re churning in the same well worn spot.

It’s been pointed out that the Incubator is a life-saving program masquerading as a systems support program. Incubaes who have come through these doors before you have walked the path of discovering that “you are your best system” isn’t just a nifty tagline, it’s a waking reality.

Hang with me this month and I’ll be listening to you the whole time! Hit ‘reply’ and tell me when something lands like a truth bomb or when something is falling flat. I’ll keep bringing you more of what you ask for and we’ll have fun together. 🫠

No squeezing. No pressure. Only sharing. Only changing the way we do launches… because you weren’t built to make decisions in fight or flight. We do things around here with regulated nervous systems.

It should feel right. It should feel good. And you should be excited about your decision.

You’re officially invited. I meant what I said before… I’ve got you boo. 😘

~McG 💌

P.S. - Until March 31, you can get the recordings for the Bundled Mastermind here. If you decide to join us inside the Incubator, all of these recordings + the entire Sensible Woo training & event libraries are included.

tip of the week

Let's try something with our weekly YouTube videos! I couldn't shut off the running faucet of energy patterns and intuitive lessons over the past week as we transitioned from February into March. When I see patterns this strongly I have to find a place to put them and I realized I had the perfect place for it all.

video preview

I would love to know if you like getting more energy updates and I can deliver more of this type of content if it feels good to you in our community.

Here's what I am inviting you to take action on this week:

  1. Watch the video and leave me a comment about how any of these patterns have been showing up around you... Do they match your experience or do you have other patterns you've noticed?
  2. Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss more of this... bonus points for sharing with friends. 💕

attention worthy

Hopefully you've caught the first part of the podcast two-fer that Danielle Klemm and I recorded. If not, you can catch the first half here.

Danielle and I worked together for many months on the 2023 Incubator offer. I came to her because I clued in strongly in early 2022 that while I had done a decent job of growing the program, it was overdue for a makeover. It wasn't as clear as it could be. And it was nearly impossible at the time to get a clear vibe check on the experience & community.

In part two, we dig into how I work with clients, so this episode is more focused on what you can expect when you work with me inside of Sensible Woo and I think it will give you a great introduction to how it feels to approach your business through the Incubator as your support system.


The Incubator is officially open for enrollment! Let's warm up for a minute... You can check out a lot of behind-the-scenes work that I'm hoping is helpful for both making decisions as well as seeing evidence of how someone is running launches differently than the old formulas. 🤗

  • You can hear the entire process of growing this offer and bringing it into a new era on The Online Presence Podcast with Danielle Klemm.
  • And now you can hear the connection of the process with the work we do at Sensible Woo in part two on The Online Presence Podcast.
  • You can also listen to the audio version of the sales page, which is a very new format that I'm trying and I'm curious to know if hearing the story & journey was helpful for you. Hit 'reply' and let me know!
  • You can see how I used the 2022 community survey to help me update all of my messaging for this year's launch.

The enrollment period ends on March 31, so I encourage you to just hang with me here and watch what happens with a longer cart open period.

Maybe you're one of the people who has had their eye on the upcoming cohort? If so, you can get an insiders early bird discount:

  • $2000 off when you pay in full (it brings the price down from $10k to $8k for the year).
  • Or, you can start payments in March (rather than April) and it brings your monthly payments down (after the $1k deposit) to $693 x 13 months as compared to $750 x 12 months.

this week's message

Take a moment to feel into the center of your body... don't over think this! Which of these images do you want to click on?

Enjoy your reading. 🤗