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How do you like to eat your shit sandwiches?

Last week I included a screenshot of a comment from my sound designer & editor, Chris Martin, and y'all LOVED IT. 😂 It seems you are enjoying the little peeks behind the curtains of production. If you missed that last week, the explanation is that I have a private channel on my Discord server so that Chris and I can toss messages back and forth about podcast episodes as they move their way down the production pipeline. This week, I received a fresh ping:

Not only do I deeply appreciate working with my peeps who have reverence for my sailors mouth, I also appreciate a well placed pun. To which I respond in emojis: 🤌🤌🤌

If there's one thing you tune in for this week, it is a thorough dissection of life's "shit sandwiches." But more than anything, you're going to appreciate Beth's perspective as an educator... she brought in the topics of politics and art, which were *not* on my scripted outline for episode topics.

One of the skills that you develop when interviewing people is the ability to recognize when a left turn is worth the side quest, even if it means you miss the planned destination. This interview was exactly that. A side quest that showed up in all its perfectly timed glory.

You'll also hear us talk about recording in Nice, France! This is the first of two episodes that were recorded there in a gorgeous sound studio. It has me noodling on future seasons for this podcast where guests get invited into something like a destination wedding... but in this case, we're recording a podcast. 🌴 I shall save those plans for when they're ready for the real world!

In the meantime, plug in your earbuds and enjoy this conversation that will have you questioning how you interact with or avoid life's shit sandwiches.

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Podcast Episode Title:

Surviving Life’s Sh*t Sandwiches: Lessons from The Last of Us

Summary description:

In this week’s episode, your host, Mary Williams, dives deep into the transformative power of the arts and the nuances of life’s challenges with special guest Beth Salyers.

Join the discussion as we explore the sacrifices and resilience needed to excel in any field, the importance of embracing nuance, and how to navigate life’s “sh*t sandwiches.”

Discover the parallels between the characters in the series and our own journeys, reflecting on humanity’s monsters and the complex decisions we face.

From dissonance to resolution, we uncover the beauty of storytelling and the impact of trust in our relationships.

This episode will help you gain fresh perspectives on personal growth, education, and the art of doing things differently in a world that often seeks comfort in the familiar.

Quote from the episode

Now you can have filters, but these are all packaging. It can add to the experience, I’m not knocking it. I dig it. But fundamentally, is it really changing or challenging or adding to multiple ways of knowing ourselves and knowing each other? And knowing the world. I find that those experiences that truly impact those multiple ways of knowing are few and far between. And I think in my experience, when you can build up those experiences of coming to multiple ways of knowing and being with others, that’s when true collaboration can happen.

~ Beth Salyers, Founder & CEO of Custom Learning Atelier

Discussed in this episode

  • The transformative power of music and the arts in personal growth and education.
  • The sacrifices and work ethic required for excellence in the arts.
  • A discussion on the concept of “eating sh*t sandwiches” and making choices in life.
  • The importance of resilience in navigating challenges.
  • How exposure to diverse perspectives and role models can inspire change.
  • The role of nuance and storytelling in understanding complex issues.
  • The nature of humanity as explored in The Last of Us.
  • The use of dissonance and resolution in storytelling and life.
  • The impact of survival instincts on decision-making.
  • The value of trust and understanding in relationships.

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Guest information

Beth Salyers

Beth helps leaders of organizations using business as a force for good and the individuals working in orgs that do not align with their values, passions, and humanity. For both groups of people – Beth helps them learn about, engage with, and co-design their regenerative learning ecosystem… so their impact (and health) is something good for people and the planet. Connect with Beth through her website, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.

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