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Hey Reader,

I got a lovely message from someone I met earlier this year at a conference. She watched last week's YouTube video about how to be a good guest and appreciated that I did a somatic check-in to ask the viewer what they really need in this season. Instead of trying to gaslight people into believing something is wrong with them and pressure them into buying a course, I will always tell you the truth here.

This week you'll hear a lot of the same refrain in the companion video on how to be a good host. When you watch a video like this and it helps you solve some missing gaps in your knowledge base, then the video did its job! But if you're feeling your heart catch in your throat about interacting with people... coaching advice is not enough. It's time to look for therapy.

Why do I ask this about the need for therapy? And why so much lately?

Simple: I see the trend in how Covid broke open a need to deal with healing larger, deeper personal roadblocks.

I receive a fair amount of direct replies and messages from people across all of my channels... and add in the mix this year, all the conferences I've attended and the conversations that came from those.

A noticeable pattern emerged: People want the guts & glory from being highly visible... but they're also dealing with significant anxiety and inconsistent patterns that create more mess than ease & flow in their business activities.

The more they try to push to make things happen, the more slippery the slope.
The more they purchase non-therapy programs and coaching packages... and software (*ahem* AI? Anyone? Anyone?)... it seems the further away they get from their goals.

I've been in this online business space a long ass time. I've been a coach, I've been an intuitive guide, and I've been a cheerleader for many.

And I have *always* corrected my coachees whenever someone has referred to me as their therapist, even if said jokingly. (Yeah, it's happened... more than once!)
šŸ¤” In fact, you may have noticed that back in the day, I adopted the moniker given to me by clients:
'Chief Technology Therapist'.
I've since dropped it because
(1) I am not a therapist and I want to funnel actual therapy clients to their therapists, and
(2) I needed to create better distinction between coaching vs. therapy to serve my entrepreneurs more honestly.

It's my personal opinion that most entrepreneurs right now need therapy more than they need coaching.

We do not want our coaches to be our therapists... Coaching ā‰  Therapy.

So, when I came across this article in the Washington Post about how people consume podcast content (I've been doing a ton of research this year), it made me think about how much people, on their every day human level of activity, are in search of comfort. I mean, who isn't?

As I return to monetized content and smaller offers at lower prices to a larger list, I pay attention to the emotional needs of the audience. Meeting the audience where they're at is critical... and I've gotta tell y'all... people are hungry for COMFORT right now.

So when you think about the intimacy of audio content, there's a reason why we love it. This analysis is what prompted me to fire up the School of Moxie podcast. I saw the need for quiet comfort in people's earbuds where it's intimate and safe and, most of all, a private experience.

I encourage you this week to ask yourself why you consume content the way you do:
ā†’ Are you avoiding anything through your habits?
ā†’ What does that say about the roadblocks you'd like to overcome in the coming year?
ā†’ How much are you searching for comfort?
ā†’ And can you add in more intentional comfort to your daily life & business?

When you can look the therapy equation squarely in the eye, you can make sound judgement calls about what capacity you have right now to tackle business problems. It's a big reason I've down-shifted from offering the 12 month high ticket Incubator and I'm now shifting-up into offering lighter lifted loads around content creation.

āœØ You'll see the Incubator's systems templates are now for sale -- scroll to the Offerings section, below. I know that creating space for mental health is frequently supported through very practical systems. Getting a clear picture in order for your business is a huge step forward into doing bigger things next year.

By reading your energy in the "room" this year, I saw clearly that most of us right now need a series of smaller bites while we focus on healing the deeper stuff. It's so good. It's necessary. And it's going to help us create better things down the line.

Be gentle with yourselves this week,
~McG šŸ«¶

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tip of the week

Ready to put on your other pair of CEO pants this week? We're talking about how to become the ultimate super host... and get the benefits of growing your network in the coming year as a result. In this week's video I breakdown for you some major hallmarks of incredible hosts. You're going to notice how much I ask you to reflect in this video: Are you READY for hosting? Because it's an emotional commitment and we want to make sure you get the most from it.

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The point is that being a great host and getting lots of lead gen from your hosting role is not the result of magic. It's a very active thing to participate in and it impacts your brand and reputation more than you may realize. As a regular host of all kinds of lead gen experiments, I can tell you that your systems (or lack thereof) show up big time when you invite people into being a guest! Come check out what I mean by that in the video.

šŸ‘‰ Here's what I am inviting you to take action on this week:

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