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Hey Reader,

Premiere week for The School of Moxie Podcast is now complete! šŸŽ‰ We landed firmly in the top 25% of podcasts according to metrics from Buzzsprout. šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

There's quite a jump to the top 10% and we're like halfway there... there's a chance that by the end of this holiday weekend, we'll hit it, which marks the end of the first 7 day period (the mile marker for podcast metrics). šŸ’• THANK YOU for listening and supporting the podcast!

In case you missed the mountains of email I sent you this week, we opened up season one of the podcast with a five episode premiere, which you can catch up on in my newsletter archive. From here on out, you'll find the podcast dropping weekly on Wednesdays. We have 20 episodes this season, so we have 15 more weeks of content coming your way.

That's *plenty* of time to get caught up and binge watch The Last of Us on HBO or Max.com! If you want to be like one of our guests this season, you get find the full list of homework here on the podcast homepage on my website.

One of the resources on that homework list is something super fun... it's the fan reaction videos made by Johnny O'Dell.

video previewā€‹

Here's what I love about reaction videos:

  • They give us normalization of our own emotions and reactions. No, you're not a weirdo... you're in great company!
  • They give us data on what people kinda-sorta normally do with this content. That helps you start to tune into your own audience if you're emotionally disconnected from them.
  • They serve like cheater codes when playing a video game. If the full episode is too much for you, start with the reaction videos -- you get a total overview and side commentary so that you can watch the actual episode with fewer surprises and you can then enjoy the details you can't get in the reaction videos.
  • They help you learn that this "homework" is not like K-12 school... this is FUN. So... you know... have FUN. šŸ˜œ

So, yeah... have fun with this! And one of the most fun things for me, as the creator was celebrating our premiere week sponsors, which I'm gonna do one last time... Thanks to our generous supporters, I fulfilled a major goal of monetizing this podcast from the start. šŸ˜Š

āœØ The AK Collective with Amber Kinney
āœØ Everyday Effectiveness with Gwen Bortner
āœØ Custom Learning Atelier with Beth Salyers

This week I wanted to do a full recap of our premiere week... next week we'll move into some new updates! Thanks for hanging out with me in your earbuds and I can't wait to hear about your favorite episodes.

Have I told you how beautiful your ears look today?
~McG šŸ¤©

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tip of the week

No, I cannot believe it is September already. šŸ™ˆ And it's time for a monthly energy update! I found the energy this month to be totally different than what I've been tapping into lately. It's definitely made a shift, which isn't very perceptible from the everyday level of events, but in the quiet spaces of intuitive channeling, it's fully present.

video previewā€‹

There is a quietness to September, at least compared to July and August, that is really lovely... but don't be fooled! This is not a passive month. It's full of action. It's just not loud or showy. In this month's video, I liken it to a "systems month" where a lot of very impactful (but not-very-sexy-feeling) actions are taken that pay off big time in the long run.

šŸ‘‰ Here's what I am inviting you to take action on this week:

  1. Which of these themes are showing up the most for you right now? Tell us all in the comments so we can see evidence of each other navigating the world at the same time.
  2. ā€‹Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss more of this... bonus points for sharing with friends. šŸ’•


attention worthy

ā˜•ļø Would you like a pumpkin spice latte on me?

Yes, really! šŸ¤—

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Here's what Racheal left on Apple Podcasts this week and I am so grateful for the review! šŸ„°

Thank you for the support! šŸ’•

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I'll be doing a host-read ad, just like what you're hearing this week on each episode. For ongoing sponsor spots, here's how it works:

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