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This has been a long, long time coming...

Oh, my heart strings... the third episode of The Last of Us... 😭 It's titled "Long, Long Time" and has been critiqued as some of the best television created in a very long, long time.

Yes, it's THAT good.

So is this podcast discussion with Lindsey. In fact, this is the episode that the inspired me to finally pull the trigger and launch this podcast after many years and many people asking when I would start one.

What I think is so special about this podcast episode isn't the fact that the inspirational source material is so freakin' good... It's that Lindsey does something very rare that I don't see enough entrepreneurs brave enough to do on a microphone while being recorded:

She came to this recording session ready to have the discussion, but she didn't put on masking behaviors to protect herself.

She came into the recording ready to think aloud on the microphone and what happens is that
(1) you not only get to really hear her voice and get to know her as a human...
But you also...
(2) get the benefit of your own emotional experiences as entrepreneur put into words by someone who is feeling what you are also feeling.

Not the only one. Not performative.

True & actual. Just like the story of Bill & Frank. Come have a listen... You don't need to watch the television episode in order to get so much from this podcast episode.

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Podcast Episode Title:

Entrepreneurial Sparks: Rediscovering your inner fire through Bill and Frank

Summary description:

This week’s episode explores the power of collaboration, resilience, and the intrinsic motivation that keeps entrepreneurs going even when faced with adversity.

Drawing parallels between the characters in the game and real-life business scenarios, host Mary Williams and guest Lindsey Pope embark on a journey to discover how lessons from the capsule episode “Long, Long Time” with Bill & Frank can translate into tangible wisdom for entrepreneurs.

This episode emphasizes the importance of building networks and harnessing the power of curiosity in fostering connections. The conversation also explores the theme of perseverance, highlighting how characters in “The Last of Us” display an unwavering will to adapt and thrive despite facing relentless challenges. Mary and Lindsey redefine failure as a pivotal moment for growth rather than a setback, shedding light on the transformational potential of entrepreneurial journeys.

Tune in to this episode to discover how lessons from a post-apocalyptic video game like The Last of Us can reshape your entrepreneurial mindset and lead you toward building collaborative networks and thriving in the face of challenges.

Quote from the episode

My initial thought is perseverance, right? The will to live, the will to keep going. But after our conversation, this fenced in wall stuff, now I’m seeing it from a whole new Bill perspective of wanting to let those walls down a little bit. But still, I come back to perseverance. I think watching everyone’s will to adapt and grow and shift… Pivot, I love the word pivot. I think that’s really the message and the take home for me is you just keep going.

~ Lindsey Pope, Founder & CEO of Instinctual Health

Discussed in this episode

  • Collaborative Magic: How collaboration and networking can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs, drawing parallels with the characters in “The Last of Us.”
  • The Pilot Light: The concept of the pilot light within entrepreneurs – the intrinsic motivation and resilience that keeps them going even in challenging times.
  • Survival vs. Growth: Analyzing the characters of Bill and Joel as representations of different entrepreneurial mindsets – survival mode versus adaptability and growth.
  • Letting Go of Ego: Exploring the idea of letting go of ego to foster deeper connections, both in business and life, as demonstrated by characters like Tess and Frank.
  • Finding Your Tribe or Network: How identifying and connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses is crucial for success and mutual growth.
  • Perseverance: Discussing the importance of perseverance in entrepreneurship, drawing inspiration from the characters’ will to adapt and thrive despite adversity.
  • Pivoting, Not Failing: Shifting the perspective on failure to view it as a pivot point for growth and transformation rather than a setback.
  • The Power of Curiosity: The role of curiosity in building connections and learning from others, highlighting the character Ellie’s insatiable curiosity.
  • Networks and Purpose: Exploring how networks, whether in the post-apocalyptic world or in business, are integral to fulfilling one’s purpose.
  • Lessons from “The Last of Us”: Extracting valuable entrepreneurial lessons from the video game and applying them to real-world challenges and opportunities.

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Guest information

Lindsey Pope

Lindsey is a holistic two pronged functional practitioner specializing in gentle Japanese acupuncture and holistic nutrition, serving clients in a full spectrum approach through these two modalities. Regardless of your symptoms, she helps you understand and trust your body’s sensations while re-calibrating your relationship to living a nourishing lifestyle. Connect with Lindsey on her website and Instagram.

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