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📺 Sensible Woo TV → Watch me freeze my ass off 🥶 as I walk & vlog this week... and talk about doing the real "shadow" work when making decisions in business.

🎁 Your Weekly Offer → Do you need to talk with me for business advising? Now is the time! Voxer coaching enrollment is open for you.

🔮 Your Weekly Reading → Our 3 card spread this week connects us with the heart chakra energy from all that Valentine's holiday business of the week.

🤓 You Gotta See This → Taylor Swift shows us why we need to build our email lists and not become dependent upon social media platforms.

📚 Sensible Woo Library → Did you catch the chat I had with my sound engineer at the end of season 1 for The School of Moxie Podcast? Let us entertain you!

This week's theme is...

Why your email list is still your most powerful asset... and this is the year to focus on growing it.

You and I with our small audiences might be a little disappointed about some TikToks suddenly going silent, but that is not the case for a lot of these folks whose entire bodies of work were nearly wiped out over night because their TikToks were rendered boring, unwatchable, and, well, useless.

📺 Sensible Woo TV

Oh, my... You know when you see something that you can't un-see? Well, I realized that I've had people say "no" to my offers because they think I'm super young and don't have experience. (🤭) And then I saw this behavior play out in a non-business situation, which got me thinking... How much are you friends with your shadow side? Do you know your biases and have you made peace with them? It's going to be a critical skill in making decisions this year. Click to hear me out. ⤵️

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🗣️ Talk it out...​
You need time to find your words because clear words that can be spoken aloud is what allows you to achieve everything from manifesting your visions to clearly setting up business systems that bring those visions to life.

🗣️ Relax in a safe space...​
1-on-1 private voice notes allows you to relax into saying what you REALLY need to say, which you can't get in a group setting. No cameras, just you and me talking back-and-forth.

🗣️ Make faster progress...​
Verbal processing time speeds up your progress when making strategic decisions or completing hard things. You get to choose how much you want to talk and engage... YOU are in the drivers seat.


🔮 Your Weekly Reading

Tap the image to activate your weekly ritual of working *on* your business, rather than *in* your business...
Give yourself the gift of visioning to make stronger decisions.

📚 Sensible Woo Library Highlight

​Chris Martin, my sound engineer, had me spill some tea on his podcast... →​

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