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📺 Sensible Woo TV → This week I narrate a passage from the book 'Belonging Here' to dive into the authenticity problems that so many intuitive, spiritual, and empathic business owners are feeling lately. The world needs that version of you that feels scary to show and this week's book will help you get there.

🎁 Your Weekly Offer → Sunday extended readings are the main course these days and you're invited to join us... Today is a great day to upgrade for just $19/month!

🔮 Your Weekly Reading → This week's free general reading helps you find real authenticity with the help of the recent Gemini new moon. It's time to shine, boo.

🤓 You Gotta See This → Happy Pride Month! I am highlighting inclusive business news all month. Sounds gay, I'm in!

📚 Sensible Woo Library → I highlighted this video last week and I'm leaving it in here again because we're talking about HSPs (highly sensitive persons). Come check out if you are an HSP and then this week's YouTube video will be extra useful for you.

✨ Promo Corner→ Join me for a podcaster meetup in Vancouver, Washington... the *other* Vancouver (please don't drive to Canada). The PDX podcasters are trying out a series to make it easier for more of us to attend gatherings across the metro area.

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In the metro Portland area? Level up your negotiation skills with a free workshop hosted by the Portland Freelancers Union, which is run by my friend Megan Eckman.


You'll see see me this September on a podcaster panel as well. Stay tuned.

📺 Sensible Woo TV

We have big intuitive energy lately, big emotions, and a pattern has emerged with the people I see in my coaching container. If you're an empath and you're intuitive and you also call yourself a business owner, you may be struggling lately with the question, "But who am I really?" This has major impact on your visibility in business, which is how you find more clients and is directly related to how you get paid.

To help us peel back these complicated layers, we're calling upon the book Belonging Here by Judith Blackstone, PhD. The passage that I've narrated for you this week is a *chef's kiss* moment when it comes to reclaiming your true self, your authentic nature. When you process a lot of energy and feelings around you, it can feel unsafe to show up as your true self. But that is exactly what the world needs from you right now... Click to check it out. ⤵️

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This is especially true for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to lead with intuition AND savvy strategy to grow businesses that uplift the world.

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My purpose is simple: to help you experience more flow, ease, and excitement as you build aligned, sustainable businesses with soul.

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  • “The ritual of grounding myself with the extended readings is incredibly useful in preparing for the week ahead while being open to all the possibilities around me.”

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